We Build Web Sites

Small & medium sized businesses keep us busy. You can see our finished projects or you contact us to begin your project.

We Build Intranet Sites

As companies become geographically spread out, they need a way to keep in touch in a secure manner.

Small but Dedicated

We are a small but dedicated team of web professionals. We help small and medium sized businesses build web sites.

10 Things You Must Know About SailfishWeb

There are 10 things that you must know about us. First we are professionals, of course.

Web Design

Web design is just part of the solution for your business. You or someone on your team probably wants to add content without contacting anyone.  Maybe each department needs to update only their section. We can help with that.

Digital Marketing

Just because you have a web site doesn't mean it looks good. People judge businesses everyday by the look and feel of their web site. Does your business web site say what you want it to? Could you be missing out on opportunities? Contact us today.

Professional Corporate Design

Your current web site was designed in house or done by a friend of of a friend. Sure, it was cheap but then again so was the look. Your business has grown, so should your web site. You're ready to upgrade to a professional looking site, so get started.

What Makes Us Different

We are a small but dedicated team of web professionals that can help with your small or medium sized web site project.

We Are Small
smallWe have a limited number of personnel and take on a limited number of projects. Since we are small, we use that to our client's advantage... you mean the world to us. Without you, we wouldn't exist. Since we don't have a million clients you have our full attention. We want a handful of dedicated businesses that are willing to engage in business level web site projects.

dedicatedBut We Are Dedicated
That means we are dedicated to our client and to web site projects specifically. By using a hired gun your web project gains new life, is kept on track and completes on time and one budget. ROI is quickly achieved by the fact that the project is finally finished.

compassWe Are Local (EST)
When you call Sailfish Web, a live member of our team picks up the phone, speaks English and understands what you need. If unavailable, our team always responses in a reasonable amout of time. Our clients know this, putting them at ease.

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