About SailfishWeb

Who are we?

We are a small but dedicated team of web professionals that can help with your small or medium sized web site project.

What's our history?

Building web sites since 2006, around the beginning of the web content management system explosion, we've amassed some good web site building experience. We started with humble beginnings, building for family, friends and friends of friends. Or we would build for people we'd meet at parties or talk to at dinner. We'd hear things like, "I'm starting this cookie company and I need a web site" or "I have this t-shirt idea. It's kinda like a lifestyle thing." We'd jump all over those and quickly come up with a few ideas.

The problem was the sites never got completed. Was it the clients? Or us? We continue to build on good faith but the same scenario kept happening. The sites would get all the way to completion but never released. And worse for us, we never got paid. This continued until we had around 50 unreleased, unpaid-for sites.

Pivotal circumstance.

Then we got smarter. Formal proposals, detailed scope of work, scheduled payments and doing business with established businesses only have been our mantra since. Businesses tend to like this more and so do we.

Since that pivotal decision, we've had the opportunity to work with some great companies like Ocean Ridge Co-op on the island of Palm Beach and Illustrated Properties in Palm Beach Gardens.

What we want.

We won't lie, we want a handful of dedicated businesses that are willing to engage in business level web site projects. We are willing to make sure the project is done, done right and done on time. If you'd like to fill a spot on our roster, contact us today!

Where are we?

We are in Jupiter, Florida. We are biased on this point but it's pretty much the best place live on the planet. Oh, and before we forget, Jupiter has many options for outdoor activities... like sailfishing.