10 Things You Must Know About Sailfish Web

We are a small but dedicated team of web professionals that can help with your small or medium sized web site project. Here's ten reasons to see if we are the right fit for your company.

01We Are Small
We have a limited number of personnel and take on a limited number of projects. Since we are small, we use that to our client's advantage... you mean the world to us. Without you, we wouldn't exist. Since we don't have a million clients you have our full attention. We want a handful of dedicated businesses that are willing to engage in business level web site projects.

02But We Are Dedicated
That means we are dedicated to our client and to web site projects specifically. By using a hired gun your web project gains new life, is kept on track and completes on time and one budget. ROI is quickly achieved by the fact that the project is finally finished.

03We Are Local (EST)
When you call Sailfish Web, a live member of our team picks up the phone, speaks English and understands what you need. If unavailable, our team always responses in a reasonable amount of time. Our clients know this, putting them at ease.

04We Are A Professional Team
A person or individual may be assigned as the "Technology Guru" but that usually amounts to a jack of all trades and a master of none. There's usually too many hats this guru must wear and consequently pushed the web project off or completes it with below par results. Sailfish Web is dedicated to one item. Web site projects. Your web project gains new life, is kept on track and completes on time and on budget.

05Businesses Only
Looking for someone to do the kids local athletic club site? Please find someone else. We do business web sites only. No start-ups, no part-time projects. We cater to businesses who need attention to their public web site and care about the results. Taking on other projects only distracts us from our clients' web projects. We work on this as a living, not an after-school activity.

06We Speak
Beyond working on web site projects, we give speeches about web stuff like Facebook, Twitter and general web site info. The event could be an internal company function of 10 people, an organization that meets for a common purpose of 50 people or a conference filled with 150 people trying to acquire more knowledge from professionals.

07We Are Knowledgeable
Sure we can dazzle you with stats and graphs showing our tons of knowledge. Under all of those pretty illustrations, the truth is most of our knowledge we've learn from past mistakes or from little bits of information that we've picked up along the way. We have a vast resource knowledge base available throughout the web community to rely upon.

08We Work With You
The traditional sense of a web team, waits to hear from you, makes changes to your web site and bills you when the changes are made. If you'd like to stay traditional, that's fine. But since the Facebook revolution, clients tend to want to make changes themselves and not wait for someone. We can work with you to provide any level of service you require.

09We Are Joomla Based
Joomla is a content management system framework for web sites. Your relative or someone over dinner may have told you about the wonders Joomla and it's true, it's wonderful. We take Joomla out out of the box and make it work for you. Stuck with something? No problem, we'll unhitch the issue you're having and free you up continue working your business. And if you don't know what Joomla is, don't worry, it'll make sense by the time the project is complete.

10We Love & Respect
We love what we do, helping others. It's more than how we make our living, it's how we live our lives. Our team is dedicated to helping others inside the office walls as well as outside. We've volunteered for a combined total of 37 years in various non-profit efforts in and around our community.

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