Design Matters

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Web Design MattersI was taking a trip last summer to Hawaii. Ever been? It's awesome. I'm not just saying that, millions of people agree with me. Sadly, many people never go or get the chance to go.

Certainly, I felt like this was a once in a lifetime trip. I may never get the chance to go back. I only get one shot at this. If I make a mistake at choosing what to do, too bad, I choose wrong. So what did I do before I left?

I did just as you do before you go on a trip. I surfed the internet for activities I could do. Things like biking, boating, sailing, luaus and restaurants were all in the mix. I read reviews of hotels, car rentals, transporation to and from the air port.

What's amazing is that we judge businesses by their web sites.

It's true. Even if the reviews were good, if you go to their site and it looks terrible, there's a high chance you will never do business with them.

So what do you think your potential customers are thinking? Here's a hint, they are thinking exactly the same.

What you want and what I want is for the customers to feel at ease. We want them to trust us. If they have to type in a credit card, we don't want them to hesitate because of the design.

If customers judge us by our web sites, yours better look good. Have a design that attracts if they only come your way once in a lifetime.