Mobile Web Sites

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smartphoneI know I've covered this before but I want to drive home the point.

You're with some friends and you're talking. Someone mentions some news that sparks everyone to check it out on their phones (iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, Blackberry). They hit a web site and it's a regular web site. The text is tiny on the phone and some of the graphics don't work because they are flash.

What are the chances they will stay on the web site to read it and get the content?

If you have a regular web site, this web site will show on mobile devices but people will have to zoom into the web site to be able to see certain items.

This may be acceptable to you. You might even like this. You get the real web site rather than a watered down version of the real thing.

The problem is that other people don't think like you think. The general public won't read something if it is too small. The gerenal public doesn't know how to zoom. The general public doesn't have the dexerity to look closer at a menu item or use a drop down menu.

Your web site needs to have a mobile version. This is a version of your web site that is easily available on mobile devices such as smart phones.

It isn't enough just have a web site by itself. Your web site needs to have a simple mobile one column version that people can easily see and read.

Imagine what it would be like if you did. People could hit your web site with their phones at dinner parties and your site would be the talk of the town.