Auto Popup With JCE

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So I was trying to do an automatic popup with JCEPOPUP. I knew that JCE could do overlays of internal links, external links, photos or videos from youtube. I wanted that overlay/lightbox to happen automatically. The reason I wanted this is so that when ads from Google AdWords hit a landing page, a lightbox would show asking for contact info. I'm trying to raise the level of capture and conversion rates for my clients.

I search through the documentation but couldn't find anything useful. But then, like many other times, searching hard enough found the following in a forum thread post:

 <a rel="width[540];height[360]" class="jcepopup autopopup-single noicon noshow" target="_blank" id="popup1" href="/index.php?Itemid=122&option=">Contact Us</a>

Now when you hit the landing page, a lightbox automatically shows from JCE with JCEPOPUP. For the curious, it requires an "ID" of any value. This is why I couldn't get it to originally work.

Also, the CLASS is what determines this. Here are a few of the JCE CLASS that seems to be important:

  • jcepopup = this is what determines if it popsup or not
  • autopopup-single = only popup once. This is determined by the ID. If it senses you've hit the same page twice, it won't show. It does this by the ID.
  • autopopup-multiple = show the popup everytime.
  • noicon = don't show any icon
  • noshow = don't show the link at all