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Hi Client

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Hi client. We're the hired help. We really do have your best interest in mind.

Sometimes there's a struggle between what the client want and what the hired help wants to do.

The client wants to make the logo bigger. The client wants an awful design. The client wants the purchase process to work a certain way. The client wants to remain and feel as if they can remain in control.

As hired help, we want to make the logo normal size. We want an awesome design. We want the purchase process to work the way culture accepts. We want to protect them from themselves. We want to please the client.

If the client has too much control the design usually looks terrible. Need proof? Look around at most small town/local advertising. The ads look terrible, the web sites look terrible, the logo is huge and nobody knows what the message is.

This results in parody web site like: and a short film called Holiday Memento which is lost somewhere in history.

It's easy to see how business owners get to this position. They've built the company from the ground up, having to make decisions based on little or no input.

Web sites are powerful tools. They allow companies and people to be in the self publishing industry. Getting a mixed message from a web site operator is easy if it isn't clearly planned ahead of time.

Our advice is to allow the hired help do their work. Give them the freedom to present ideas. Exert your authority by making the final decision.

Part II: How Long Does It Take For My Site To Show On Google?

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Well it's been about a week or so and our brand new spiffy web site is finally showing on and in the number 1 position when searching directly for the term "sailfishweb."

We searched the exact same term last week with different results. Here are the first ten results this week:


It's important to note that this happened automatically. We didn't add it to Google with the link in the previous article. We didn't do some fancy web trick that we are keeping to ourselves. We didn't pay anything to anybody. We didn't do anything other than release the web site.

Google simply crawled our site with their technology, the Googlebot spider, picked up the words on the web site and now has a record of it to hand back when someone searches.

We originally said it would take about 12 weeks. We were way off. It only took a few days. How come?

Well first off we always like to extra room. It makes us feel good when we out perform our educated guesses. Secondly, the term space isn't competitve. In other words, no one is challenging us for the term "sailfishweb." It would be a different story if we are trying for the terms "jupiter web design." In this case, we are in the 112 spot.

This will climb over the next few weeks as we implement some search engine optimization, or SEO, techniques.

How Long Does It Take For My Site To Show On Google?

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"So how long does it take for my web site to show on Google?" Good question. Obviously the web site has to be up and running first.

After a web site is released, Google isn't going to be aware that suddenly a new web site in the world is up and running. Either you have to tell Google that a new site is up and running or it will eventually find your new web site.

You can tell Google a new web site is around by submitting it to their ADD YOUR URL section located here:

When this happens Google will crawl the site and index it, displaying the results usually within 48 hours.

But what if you wait for Google to crawl the site? How long does that take?

We usually say around 12 weeks, or 3 months, for results to really start showing.

But, rather than tell you, let's use this web site,, as an example. It went live on 11/11/10, missing our taget date for first of the month.

As of 11/14/10 the site didn't show when searching for the term "sailfishweb." Here are first ten results:


We'll keep you updated as to where the site shows in the search engine results page or SERPs.

SailfishWeb Begins

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I started a blog today. If you're like me, the first thought that may pop into your head is, "Why do I care?" And that's a valid question. Why should you care?

Because as a professional in the business for more than decade here's tidbit, web sites matter. They matter more than you may realize. So spending time concentrating on your web site is a good idea.

The probelm is as a small to medium sized company your group may not have someone focused soley on your web site. The web site project falls behind and all of the sudden your in another round of re-vamping your site.

A hired gun for your company web site makes sense. It's more affordable than hiring full time personnel and you get the benefit of having someone with more experience than you.

SailfishWeb, is geared towards small to medium sized businesses. Everything is setup to service a handful of clients. If you'd like to fill a spot on our roster, contact us today.

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