Product Lines

Economy Web Sites

  • Up and running same day.
  • Do-it-yourself changes.
  • Economical Low Monthly Payments.
  • Fills the void for small business.
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Managed Web Sites

  • Customized configuration.
  • Your in-house web department.
  • Fully managed so you can focus.
  • Monthly billing, predictable costs.
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SailfishWeb Services

Web Design


Web design and development takes your business web site to a new level. Move out of the garage and show the world that you're beyond hiring the kid after class. Make the web do what you want it to do and incorporate it into your weekly routine of business operations.

Corporate Branding


Corporate branding takes your company from the spare bedroom to the office building. Colors, logos and writing style all add together to impress your current clients as well as potentional customers.

Web Site Optimization & SEO


Wanna be really confused? Ask around town about Search Engine Optimization. Unlike the ripoffs we'll help you get through on your site what Google likes and what is just an archaic myth from the 90's.

Online Advertising


Online advertising can be complex. Reading articles and listening to friends will innundate you with information until you aren't able to make heads or tails of it. Spend the money wisely and it could lead to significant gains.

Email Marketing


Email marketing gets tougher and tougher as time goes on. Make sure you know the pitfalls and partners required to make this part of your business thrive to reach your customers inbox so it shows correctly.

Intranet Web Sites


With mobile offices becoming the standard and remote offices growing, you may need a way to keep everyone on the same page. A password protected intranet for employees is the solution for many.

Member Only Web Sites


Need a password protected web site for a group of people? We can help your organization get started with a private web site for members only with admin-controlled membership or self controlled.

Joomla Content Management System


Manage your content with one of the world's most popular content management system (CMS) Joomla. The choice for Ebay, BMW and other large companies. We can help you use the power of the CMS for your own benefit allowing your team to edit content.

Mobile Development


Mobile is all the rage. With Iphone, Blackberry's, Droids and Palms selling by the millions every month, your site needs to available via mobile devices. Built incorrectly and the site won't show.

Web Site Integration


Have a product or web site that needs to be integrated into your portal or intranet? For example, you may want Twitter integrated to show directly on your site and automatically update.

Technology Speeches


We hear it all the time... "What is Twitter?" "I don't even have a Facebook account." If your looking to fill a gap in your companies or groups meetings, we're available! Your organization will be thrilled & energized.

Group Training


Sometimes a bootcamp is the best way for all of your people to get on the same page. By the end of the session, you'll either have it or be dragged across the finished line with a finished product.